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Our Products

Multi-Function Aspiration Device (MFADX®) 

MFADX® is ideal for “micro-sampling” for animal model experiments, such as tumor cells/tissues collecting and processing. It is a user-friendly, minimally invasive, self-contained system with a removable collection tube for directly collecting, transporting, centrifuging, freezing, culturing and testing the sample.


Client Testimonials

“Working with NANOBIOTEC removes the guess work. I always know the status of my project because their team of scientists communicates regularly.”

 - Clinical Manager, Big Pharma

“NANOBIOTEC truly helped us get better and real-time data from our xenograft tumor model. We saved many mice in our model without satellite groups.”

 - Professor, UMDNJ

“….we very much appreciate your flexibility to work with us and … I also want to express our appreciation for your weekly communication, it was neat, clear, and transparent. Thank you for your partnership.”

- Principal Investigator, BMS

Human Immune Cells  

Our immune cell inventory encompassed over 200 unique donor lots, each characterized by testing and demographic data. Our highly purified cells are extensively characterized with following information available. For more information, please contact
  • Basic demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, height, weight   
  • Matched plasmas available
  • HLA Class-I and Class-II type information 
  • ADCC testing results for selected lots
  • FACS purity analysis for purified PBMC subsets
  • Tested negative for HIV, HBV and HCV
  • Certificate of analysis (CoA)
 Normal PBMC  H0010M Characterized   10-20M cells   $    100.00
 Normal PBMC  H0050M  Characterized   50-100 M cells   $    200.00
 Normal CD34+ Cells   H101PS >90% CD34 positive Positively selected from peripheral blood 0.2-0.5 M cells   $    700.00
 CD3+ T Cells  H201NS >98% CD34 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    300.00
 CD4+ T Cells  H202NS >97% CD34 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    400.00
 CD8+ T Cells  H203NS >95% CD34 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    550.00
 B Cells  H301NS >90% CD19 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    600.00
 CD14+ monocytes  H401NS >90% CD14 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    300.00
 NK Cells  H501NS >80% CD3/CD56 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    600.00
 Neutrophils  H701NS >95% CD11c/CD16/CD66 positive Negatively Selected 5-10M cells   $    300.00
 Immature Dendritic Cells  H4001D >80% CD11c and HLR-DR positive Monocyte-Derived 5-10M cells   $    600.00
 Mature Dendritic Cells  H4002D >80% CD86 and CD209 positive Monocyte-Derived 1-2M cells   $    700.00
 Macrophages  H4005D > 90% for MHC class II, CD11b, CD18 and CD68 positive Monocyte-Derived 1-2M cells   $    600.00
 M1 Macrophages  H4006D >80% CD68 and CD80 positive Monocyte-Derived 1-2M cells   $    750.00
 M2 Macrophages  H4007D >90% CD163 positive Monocyte-Derived 1-2M cells   $    750.00
 Mast Cells  H1001D >80% FcɛRI and c-kit (CD117) positive CD34+ Cell-Derived 1-2M cells   $1,600.00


Collections of Kinase Inhibitors 

Our small molecule inhibitors are >98% pure and block specific signaling pathways. Currently, we have inhibitors targeting GSK-3, PKC, MAPK, FAK, Syk, Btk, JAK, mTOR, NFkB, PI3K, KDR and more. More information can be found in our List of Kinase Inhibitors.

Control Lysates for Phosphoprotein Analysis

Our positive and negative control cell lysate pairs are used to verify performances of western blot, ELISA, Luminex, Simplewestern, and Meso Scale Discovery-based assays. Our validated cell lysates with defined phosphorylation status of specific signaling molecules help speed up assay development and are commonly used as internal controls for calibrating assays. Positive and negative lysates are provided in pair and should be stored at -80ºC. Freeze/thaw cycles should be minimized. More information is in the Updated List of Control Cell Lysates

Compound Library for Drug Screening  

We offer many unique and highly purified (95% to 99%) phytochemicals and natural products for drug discovery. We guarantees the quality and competitive prices of our compounds. For more information, please contact us or see our Catalog of Phytochemicals and Natural Compounds.

Collections of Cell Lines for Drug Discovery  

Our cell lines are optimized for signal-to-noise ratio and ready for high throughput screening. More information is in our List of Cell Lines for Drug Screening.

3-D Cell Culture Inserts 

Ideal products for routine 3-D cell culture applications to mimic the physiological growth environment of tumor cells. 3-D cell culture inserts are made using the same material as cell culture plates. The transparency of materials and the porous structures allow to monitor cell growth under regular lab microscopes. Our 3D inserts are packaged and sterilized in 6-to 96-well tissue culture plates for ready to use.