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Immuno-Oncology Services

In Vitro Immune Cell Function Assays 

T Cell  Activation and Proliferation

  • T cell activation and proliferation using MLR, anti-CD3/CD28; PHA/Con A, PMA/ionomycin, SEA/SEB, anti-PD1, or anti-CTLA4) (Flow Cytometry or BrdU assay)
  • Antigen-specific recall response assay
  • Screening for the ability to reverse T cell exhaustion
  • Suppression assay with Treg cells 
  • Modulation of differentiation and cytokine profile
  • Immune cell migration/Chemotaxis assay
  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction (PBMC/T cell/DC, one way or two-way)
  • Immune checkpoint blockade assay
  • Cytokine secretion profile (ELISA, Luminex, ELISpot)
  • T Cell Surface marker expression analysis (Flow Cytometry)

Macrophages and Dendritic Cell Targets

  • Target expression profiling on subsets (resting vs activated)
  • Screening for modulation of M1/M2/MDSC (e.g. differentiation)
  • Screening for modulation of tumor conditional response (phenotype and cytokine/chemokine production)
  • Effects on antigen presentation
  • Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP)

NK Cell Targets

  • Target expression on NK cells
  • Modulation of activation and killing
  • Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)

B Cell Targets

  • Target expression profiling on B cell subsets (resting and activated)
  • Modulation of antibody production
  • Modulation of antigen presenting cell function and cytokine release
  • BCR signaling (BTK, CARD11/BCL10/MALT1 complex)

Mast Cell and Basophil Targets

  • Degranulation and histamine release
  • Cell migration and chemotaxis

In Vitro Tumor Cell Killing Assays 

Tumor Targets

  • Target expression profiling on subsets
  • Effects on antigen presentation/killing assays
  • Modulation of checkpoint ligand expression
  • Modulation of tumor derived immune modulating factors (e.g. eicosanoids, chemokines, cytokines)
  • Direct cytotoxicity (~100 cancer cell lines available for screening)

Immune Cell Mediated Cancer Cell Killing 

  • ADCC (antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays)
  • CDC (complement-dependent cytotoxicity assays)
  • ADCP (antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis)
  • T cell killing – LDH/DELFIA assay
  • NK mediated cell killing assay (FACS based)

Novel Immuno-OncologyTarget Screening

  • Biochemical and cell-based screening assays for novel immunotherapy.  IC50 determination for small or large molecules against immune targets for: 

    PD-1: PD-L1/2, PD-L1:B7-1, CTLA4:B7-1, CTLA4:B7-2, BTLA: HVEM, CD28:B7-1, CD40: CD40L, CD47: Sirpα, CD137:CD137L, OX40:OX40L, GITR: GITRL, TIGIT: CD155, IDO/TDO, COX1/COX2