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Our Company

Our Vision 

NanoBiotec, LLC provides ultra-sensitive and reliable bioassay services to monitor real-time protein and gene changes in minimal samples from cell culture, animals and patients to accelerate discovery and development of new therapeutics.

Our Mission 

NanoBiotec is a privately held contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to increasing the efficiency of discovery and development of novel therapeutic drugs. We provide cost-effective services to the biopharma industry, research hospitals and academic investigators to accelerate discovery and development of novel drugs and personalized medicine for cancer, inflammation, and many other unmet diseases.

Our scientists are well versed in developing various cellular and molecular assays to understand drug efficacy by monitoring real-time changes of gene and protein expression in samples from cell cultures, animal models and patients at nano level.

NanoBiotec mission is to provide maximal information from minimal amount of samples and thus accelerate the translation of high caliber innovations to therapeutics as efficiently as possible to benefit our patients today, rather than in future.

Our Platform 

We has established a unique infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art instruments. Our suite of advanced platforms enables highly sensitive bioanalysis and drug screening using a minimal amount of samples, allowing us to meet various desired assay performance requirements. Our passionate scientists have extensive hands-on experiences and training with these technologies and instruments, and stringently follow highly standardized protocols to process and analyze samples quickly and accurately.  

v  Luminex® (beads-based Suspension Array)

v  Flow Cytometry (CytoFlex S with 4 lasers, 13 colors)

v  SIMOA® (SIngle MOlecule Array)

v  Simple Western (Capillary-based Automatic Immunoblot)

v  Proteomic Microarray (Forward and Reverse Phase Protein Array)

v  TaqMan® Low Density Array

v  ABI QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR

v  Cellomics ArrayScan

v  ECIS (Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing)

v  LiCor Odyssey Near-Infrared Imaging System

v  ELISA / ELISpot

v  Western Blot
v  IncuCyte™ Live Cell Analysis System
v  Invitrogen EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System


Our Team 

Our team has unparalleled drug discovery, bio-analytical and proteomic expertise. Our employees have been trained at world-class institutes such as MIT, NIH, MSKCC, Mount Sinai Medical School and worked over decades for multinational biopharma companies, including Novartis, Sanofi, Merck, BMS, Celgene, Regeneron…We obtain and interpret the data from multiple experiments to evaluate drug efficacy and address the potential mechanism of drugs and diseases.



Our strategy is focused on building R&D partnerships with biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, as well as government and academic institutions. NanoBiotec is eager to consider proposals for R&D collaboration, strategic partnerships and co-marketing arrangements. For additional information please email to:

We work with growing numbers of organizations globally. Here are a part of our satisfied customers:



We are the bridge from discovery to clinic, and scientists to patients. 


  • NanoBiotec is rated as one of TOP PERFORMERS in 2018-2019. This was independently rated by fast-growing biotechs using Science Exchange, a world's leading R&D marketplace, based on RESPONSIVENESS, PRODUCTIVITY, POSITIVE CLIENT RECOMMENDATIONS. We are rated as " #3 for various biomarker, functional and cell based assays". (Science Exchange, Sept. 2019, Palo Alto, CA)
  • We are presenting in the Frontier in Cancer Immunotherapy, The New York Academy of Sciences, April 26, 2018, WTC, New York
  • We are presenting in the AACR 2017 Annual Meeting, April 16, 2017
  • We are presenting in the Mid-Atlantic LRIG: 22nd Annual Technology Showcase, May 11, 2016, Somerset, NJ
  • We are presenting in the AACR 2016 Annual Meeting, April 16, 2016, New Orleans, LA
  • We are presenting in the Immunotherapy Biomarkers: Overcoming the Barriers, April 1, 2016, NIH, Bethesda, MD
  • We are presenting in the AACR 2015 Annual Meeting, April 18-22, 2015, Philadelphia, PA
  • We are presenting in the Annual Simple Western User Meeting, April 23, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

Why Work with US

v  Expertise in maximizing information from minuscule amount of test samples;

v  Better data acquisition and thus richer information from less animal use;

v  Faster turnaround, higher quality data, and more competitive prices;

v  Customized experiment design so that each project is catered to achieve its specific goal;

v  Careful safeguarding intellectual properties and fostering long-term relationships;

v  Confidence from each client, new and seasoned, giant and small, commercial and academic;

v Greater flexibility for collaborations with academia and startups.